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KA336 is a single component, ultra high strength, anaerobic adhesive, this product cures spontaneously and rapidly when confined in absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces only. (Not for use on plastics)

KA336 is a revolutionary new anaerobic adhesive, which can be used as a retaining compound for cylindrical parts or as a locking and sealing agent for threaded parts. This product has been specially formulated in Europe as an agricultural ‘one product for most farming applications’.
It’s high performing sealing capabilities make it highly resistant to temperature, corrosion, water, oils, hydrocarbons, gas and many chemicals agents. As the name suggests, it is extremely difficult to loosen.

KA336 is suitable for cylindrical parts such as large diameter bearings, sleeves, shafts and housings. It is also suitable for threaded parts such as medium to coarse pitch pipe ends and fitings, bolts, studs and nuts. Used for preventing loosening from extreme shock and vibrations, on farming implements, equipment, piping and machinery.

Properties of Uncured Material

- NATURE : Methacrylic Anaerobic Resin - APPLICATION : Retaining and Threadlocking - STRENGTH : High - COLOR : Green Liquid - VISCOSITY 25°C : 1,500-2,500 mPa.s (Brookfield 20 rpm) - SPECIFIC GRAVITY (g/ml) : 1,07 - FLASH POINT : >100°C - SHELF LIFE : 16 months at temperature +5 ° C to +28 ° C. - PRODUCT STORAGE : Cool and dry place

Features of Cured Product

- HANDLING CURE TIME (initial curing time M10 x 20 - h 0,8 mm) BRASS : 3-5 minutes ZINC : 8-12 minutes STEEL : 9-15 minutes - BREAKAWAY TORQUE ISO-10964 : 30-40 N.m - PREVAILING TORQUE ISO-10964 : 28-34 N.m - FUNCTIONAL CURE TIME : 3-6 hours - FULL CURE TIME : 12-24 hours - TEMPERATURE RANGE : -50°C +150°C - MAX GAP FILL : 0,30 mm Technical data referring to test in according to ISO 10964 on M10 x 20 qly 8.8 zinc nut and bolt (bolt 0,8 h) - at 25°C. Break torque after 24 hours.

Chemical Resistance

Test method ISO 10964 (tested at 22°C) Breakaway torque % after immersion (pre torque 5 N.m).

Instructions for Use

This product is not suitable for metal-plastic couplings and oxygen facilities as well as for the sealing of basic products or systems with strong oxidizing acids. Use only on standard metal parts. Surface must be clean and free of grease. Use an oil-free degreaser. Apply product to fill completely the gap (male and female parts), assemble parts and tighten completely. A bland or superficial closure may cause leaks over time. Do not over-tighten. Before operating the system, await 24 hours to allow complete curing time of the sealant. In case of passive surfaces and/or low temperature a fast cure can be obtained using an anaerobic activator. Consult the MSDS before use.

General Information

The data contained in this document are provided for information purposes but are not specific supply even if they are considered as reliable products in our laboratories. The manufacturer ensures consistent quality in relation to their own specifications. The manufacturer and distributors cannot take responsibility for results obtained by others where the methods of work are not under our direct control. It is your responsibility to verify the validity of the product characteristics in relation to its production needs and to take all necessary measures for the protection of people and objects from the situations that may occur with the implementation of the product. The manufacturer and distributors disclaims all express and / or tacit responsibility for damages of any kind, consequential or incidental inappropriate use of this product, including lost profits.