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Agricultural rotor sprinkler for low pressure & low flow irrigation with a ¾” male connection.

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– Agricultural rotor sprinkler for low pressure/flow irrigation with silicone engine technology.
– Patented 2-speed motor selector.
– NEW SECTOR SCOUT SYSTEM for a dynamic rotational movement of a geared body device for a full circle or part circle of 90º and 180º.
– 3/4″ male connection.
– Made of super-resistant plastic with UV treatments.
– Rotating joints of high strength.
– Angles of nozzles are 25° and 15° degrees, and 8º or 12º for low angle plates.
– Special design for coverage irrigation at low pressures.
– Secondary plate deflector hole can be opened or plugged.

Technical Specifications

– Range: 8 to 12 m.
– Flow rate: 660 – 2400 L /H.
– Pressure: 1.8 to 4.5 BAR.
– Sector: Circular or 180º degrees with the deflector.
– Nozzles: A nozzle plate with one or two outputs.
– Trajectory angles: 25º and 15º
– Maximum height jet of 2.3 m.
– Rotation time: Depending on the pressure and nozzles is uniform and continuous.


Height : 9.5 cm.
Width : 6.5 cm.
Weight : 75g.
Units per box : 50

Technical Guidance Table

Performance Nozzle Table