VYRSA 8020

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Standard Nozzle is 4mm


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General Properties

– Part-circle plastic impact sprinkler for gardening, agriculture, floriculture and greenhouses.
– 1/2” male connection.
– Made of plastic and stainless steel.
– High-resistance rotating joints.
– Arm with anti-splash design.
– Adjustable deflector plate.
– Upper “clip” for positioning inside a casing.
– Irrigation area system controlled by rotating clips.
– Adjustable jet breaker diffuser pin.
– Its versatility and adaptability to all type of gardens
– This model is also used in low flow agricultural irrigation systems as a complementary part-circle model to VYR-26.

Technical Specifications

– Reach: 10 – 13m.
– Flow: 460 – 1180 L/H.
– Working pressure: 1,5 – 4 BAR.
– Area: Full or part circle.
– Nozzles: A multi-jet nozzle.
– Trajectory angles: 25º
– Maximum stream height: 2,5m.
– Rotation time: Adjustable. Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.




Height : 13 cm.
Width : 12 cm.
Weight : 80 g.
Units per box : 100




Technical Guidance Table

Performance Nozzle Table

– Standard nozzles will be supplied with sprinklers . Please specify when different nozzles are required which will be additionally supplied.
– These results has been obtained at indoor laboratory with 0m/sec wind velocity. Outdoor results may change range distance.