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General Properties

– Part circle agricultural impact sprinkler, medium-high flow.
– 1″ female connection.
– Made of plastic and stainless steel.
– High-resistance rotating joints.
– Part circle mechanical system using clips that are very easy and quick to adjust.
– Used in full coverage irrigation with medium-high flow to cover the side and corner areas.

Technical Specifications

– Reach: 16 – 24 m.
– Flow: 1300 – 5420 L/H.
– Working pressure: 3 – 5 BAR.
– Area: Part or full circle.
– Nozzles: One main long reach nozzle and a secondary short reach nozzle.
– Trajectory angles: 28º and 14º
– Maximum stream height: 5.5 m.
– Rotation time: Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.


Height : 24 cm.
Width : 25 cm.
Weight : 430 g.
Units per box : 15

Performance Nozzle Table

– When nozzles are ordered with sprinklers they will be supplied with standard nozzles unless otherwise specified.
– These results has been obtained at indoor laboratory with 0m/sec wind velocity. Outdoor results may change range distance.